Salvador Peresandi, Owner

My Story

Sal was born and raised in Guadalajara Mexico. Sal’s family was in the shoe business, family-owned footwear factory. It was very early in life that Sal realized his great interest in technology, electronics of all types. He pursued an electronics career in Mexico than in 1988 moved to the United States to further his education in technology.

He received an Industrial Electronics Degree from Milwaukee Area Technical College in Wisconsin and began his career in service with Flanner’s Audio and Video. Sal was asked if he would move to Arizona to open Showcase Home Entertainment in 1998 which is what brought him to Arizona. He also worked at Sounds Like Music for several years. He and associates joined forces in opening Artisan Cinema & Sound in 2004 where he has worked until November 2019 when he realized it was now time to open the next technology company for himself.

During the last 35+ years in this field Sal has received high recognition for service & installation of jobs. He continued to grow and became a project manager, engineering director and helped with sales in all positions. He has extensive knowledge in both residential and commercial. With this well rounded knowledge and experience Sal is excited to create a business catering to his clients. Sal has a reputation of high values and morals which will roll over into all aspects of his business.

The electronic technology field is growing so fast Sal finds it important to stay up on all the newest innovations. He enjoys attending seminars, trade shows, reading and listening to what the customer wants/needs to help him accomplish this.

An employee who worked with Sal over a decade said to me, “I trust Sal with my life”. That is the type of person Sal is. Extremely trustworthy, honest and sets high regard to satisfying his customer at all phases of the job, especially at completion.

Sal is married to Lisa who is completely supportive and very excited for him. Together they are proud in opening Exclusive Technologies, LLC.